About CSLI

The Colorado Springs Leadership Institute was formed in 1996 with the purpose of increasing the quality and quantity of leaders in our community. Our mission today remains the same – to enhance local leadership through the development of personal, professional and civic knowledge. The program provides a platform where established leaders come to network, share ideas, problem solve and form collaborative relationships.

With careful nurturing from the Center for Creative Leadership and El Pomar Foundation, CSLI has grown and now boasts more than 300 alumni in the Pikes Peak region, leading businesses and other organizations, and serving our community on boards, commissions and initiatives.

CSLI is committed to a model of leadership based on four values:

  • A commitment to Colorado Springs,
  • Ethical behavior,
  • Respectful and inclusive relationships, and
  • Collaborative solution-oriented leadership.

Our organization has brought together leaders representing every segment of our community. We have created a network of key influencers and decision makers who share the common bond of the CSLI experience and a passion to make Colorado Springs a better community.

We are deeply grateful to the El Pomar Foundation for their many years of support. Special thanks to Brenda Smith, Cathy Robbins, and Thayer Tutt for their legacy to the organization. CSLI is also grateful for the support of the Center for Creative Leadership. Their intensive weeklong training class remains a cornerstone of our program.

With our strong belief in ethical behavior, respectful and inclusive relationships, and collaborative solution-oriented leadership, we are poised to be a clearing-house for new ideas and a network for dialogue and communication within the Pikes Peak region.

We must develop networks of leaders who accept some measure of responsibility for the commonwealth. Call them networks of responsibility – leaders of disparate or conflicting interests who undertake to act together on behalf of the shared concern of the community or nation.